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A Night of Thanks

We held a night of Worship tonight at church. We called it A Night of Thanks. It's been discussed some before but now was the time. Things are happening at Catalyst. We are in the process of buying our property. So we thought it was a good time to just come together...

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I will never stop learning

"I will never stop learning" - Automatic Creed Over the last couple of years, I have been using WordPress for building websites. WordPress started out as a blogging platform but thanks to the open source community it has evolved into so much more. But to be good at...

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Be the solution or get out of the way

Yes I’m crazy. Yes I sat up until around 3 am on Election night/morning. I guess it’s the journalist in me. With my background, I have plenty of friends that were in the Clinton camp. I also have plenty of friends in the Trump camp. Both candidates promised hope. Both...

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