Calorie intake

Based on what a lot sources say, at the end of the day I had between 500 to 850 calories left to eat on Friday. Did I do good? Well considering I skipped lunch and just had some pretzels I would say I didn’t do good. I got working on something for someone right at lunch and was able to leave a little early and didn’t get to eat lunch. I know my body needs food at various times during the day to maintain a healthy weight. I guess the good thing is that I wasn’t real hungry but should have eaten something to help keep my body running properly.

I guess I just need to find ways of eating something health quickly. Any ideas?


  • Lori Simpson

    Can you keep some frozen meals at work? I try not too eat them too much but in a case like this they might work for you.
    Do you pack your lunch? When Frankie and I work all day in Berea I pack a lot of little “finger” foods that I can eat fast, like frozen grapes, try them they are really great! Bags of cut up veggies and fiber bars are my fave!
    It’s hard to get healthy, I struggle everyday to make the right choices, but its worth it in the end.
    You can do it!! Please let me know if I can help.

  • Lori,
    I do usually take my lunch with me but it just happen this day I didn’t. It was also a day when someone came in right at lunch to ask for something that should have taken just a couple of minutes and ended up taking longer.

    Just one of those things 🙁 I had some pretzels that I ate so I didn’t go totally without. Thanks for the encouragement and the comment 🙂